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Ministry of Municipal Affairs pays the debts of Al-Khaldiyah Municipality

The Minister of Municipal Affairs and Transport Engineer Walidal-Masri said that the Ministry paid the debts of the Municipality of Al-Khaldiyah. During his visit today Thursday to Al-Khaldiyah Municipality in Mafraq, accompanied by the MP Mazenal-Qadi, he said that the Ministry, through the Municipality of Al-Khaldiyah, is seeking to develop development projects to serve the people of the region and create job opportunities for them. He called on the Municipality to open development projects and prepare the necessary infrastructure in a manner positively revives the development and economic movement and enables the Municipality to provide job opportunities for the job seekers, and develop its capabilities to perform its service duties effectively and professionally. Al-Masri confirmed that the Ministry is ready to bear the financial expenses related to the problem of lands outside the organization, provided to outsource engineering offices for this purpose, indicating that there will be no instatement to the daily laborers, and the new employees will be recruited in the municipalities through the Civil Service Bureau. MP Mazen al-Qadi called for the need to support the Municipality of Al-Khaldiyah due to the pressures which have increased significantly as a result of the Syrian asylum. The Municipality Mayor Faraj al-Azazmehpresented the most important problems facing the Municipality, namely the organization problems and the need to establish a productive and investment project that benefits the citizens, pointing out the great effort that the Municipality is making in providing services to all citizens. Minister aL-Masrivisited a number of municipalities in the North Badiah and listened to the dilemmas facing them and their investment projects within their development plans.