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HE the Minister inaugurates waste management improvement project in Mafraq

Minister of Municipalities Eng. Walidal-Masriinaugurated yesterday the solid waste management improvement and income generating project in the host communities of refugees in Al-Husayniyat landfill in North-eastern Badiah at a cost of about one million dollars. Masri said that this project is a major step in the context of the strategy of solid waste management, which started from the stage of producing organic manure from waste to turn the landfill into an ecological landfill. He pointed out that the stage of converting the AL-Akeedirlandfill to an environmental landfill has been completed and the next stage will be completed in next May. He also pointed out that this situation resulted in the completion of the conversion of two waste landfills into two environmental landfills out of 10 other landfills which will have been converted into ecological landfillsby 2034. He added that the solid waste management improvement project has also contributed to the creation of employment opportunities for women as part of women empowering program in addition to achieving significant environmental benefits, calling on the operators of the project to sell the organic manure produced from Al-Husayniyatlandfill at 25 dinars per ton to ensure its successful marketing for farms in Mafraq Governorate and to find scientific methods to control insects and flies caused by the process of manure processing. "This project will contribute significantly to providing employment opportunities for women. It will contribute to enhancing community integration and participation and will be a success story to be circulated to the rest of the Kingdom's Governorates," said UNDP Country Director Ms. Sarah Olivella. The Director of the Joint Services Council in Mafraq, Engineer Mohammed Khair al-Sharaa, said that the manure project in Al-Husayniyat landfill is a pilot project came as a result of cooperation between the Jordanian and Canadian governments under the auspices of the United Nations Development Program to improve the environmental conditions in the Governorate which is the first in the production of livestock which result in wastes needed to be treated to mitigate their negative impact on the environment and to benefit from these wastes to improve agricultural production. He added that the cost of the project amounted to about one million dollars provided by the United Nations Development Program, including planning, construction and operation for one year in addition to 200 thousand dinars from the budget of the Council, expecting that the project will treat 40 tons of waste per day to produce more than 10 thousand tons per year. Al-Masri also opened the Complaints Unit website, the meeting hall and Greater Mafraq Municipality website concurrently with the Ministry's plan for computerization of municipalities which is part of the Municipality's efforts to achieve excellence in services and leadership in performance. The Mayor of the Municipality Amer Al-Doghmi said that the hall project is one of the Municipality's pioneering projects. It serves as a lighthouse for all activities, celebrations and events in the Governorate and a cultural milestone through the designs, and the cost of equipping it with all equipment, screens, acoustics, control devices and air-conditioners totaled about 150 thousand dinars. He added that the launch of the website and Electronic Complaints Unit came in accordance with the latest distinguished professional and media techniques and coverage pointing out that the site will highlight the activities and events and all news of the Municipality as well as the information that show the role of all its directorates and the main tasks they carry out in addition to the electronic services that facilitate the citizens' access to the service and information related to the service provided by the Municipality.